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         The Right Prospect (which I show you how to find) Approached With The Right Offer (which I show you how to make) Will WANT Your Help...

And Gladly Pay You For Improving Their Online Reputation AND Keeping It That Way (Yes, You Get Recurring Income).

Why? Because the right clients get upset when they see bad and unfair reviews and want it FIXED, like this owner...
Here, take a look at this...Which business needs image improvement in your opinion?
Remember not every business is a good prospect, but the right ones will justify your attention and serious marketing. The 'Shotgun' approach is not the best way to get results with this service. Doing more of the wrong way won't bring success.
These search results are KILLING this business!
"...90% of consumers will conduct a search online for negative information before doing business with you or your company. Negative comments posted by competitors and ex employees are at an all time high."
...and the anonymous attacks just keep getting worse and worse.
Some Of What Is Revealed In This Detailed Training:

**Companies need to respond quickly to negative posts with their own reply, Right?...No, Wrong. (see why inside)

**The scary effect "Internet Time" has on search engine results.

**The best way to handle "Revenge" complaints (ex-spouses, ex employees, jealous competitors and more)

**What NEVER to do regarding Google when fighting an unfair or false complaint!

**The secret to stopping the "Snowball Effect" of complaints.

**A Sneaky way to move negative information off the first page of search results.

**What many lawyers won't tell you about suing the attacker for defamation.

**IF you can contact the complainant, this technique should always be used first.

**Why intelligent consumers believe these negative, over-the-top comments everytime.

**Why Owners should almost NEVER do this themselves - it's   suicide.

**The Four Critical Phases of blasting these negative reviews.

**The most perfect, tested way to describe what this service is..don't change a single word.

**The absolute BEST business categories to sell this service to...why chase the crummy ones?

**The Little Known Reputation Pricing Secret That Works Better Than Anything!

**The Simplest, Fastest Direct Mail System To Sell it.

**Why Tone, Pacing and Pauses Matter More Than Scripts.

** My ingenious but simple script that sells in person or by phone.

**How To Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb even in the most competitive market.

** I've tried every marketing technique for this service and show you the best approach --- hands down.

**The "Mixed Signal" some clients give about bad reviews and how to easily overcome it.

**Why most consultants actually Shoot Themselves In The Foot when they first bring up the clients' bad reviews.

"I use the exact techniques in this training to get results for local clients...and I do not need to overpromise. Total per client fees often exceed $2,500..."
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