The "No-Resistance Route" Offline Training Program…

Today Could Be The Last Day You'll Ever Worry About Money…
The Key To Checks-On-Demand? ..."Client Relationships".

And where do local client relationships begin?
By a contact, an approach, a letter, a call, anything that 'opens the door'.

Hey, How Do Yellow Page Reps Sell So Much?

I made it a point to study what Yellow Page reps were doing…and the Val-Pak sales reps too.

Prospect businesses would mention them to me often. It didn't take long to figure out YP reps were getting results by follow-up contacts.

They usually gave local businesses some articles and studies about where buyers were getting information first, (naturally it would claim the YP were the most referred source!).

Even a new yellow pages rep, if they follow the proven formula, will write business. They learn How To BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

NOW, I'm giving you an even better formula to sign clients and get great fees...Let me tell you, it feels great to give something valuable away.

...and listen, my new method could work with many types of businesses…but it's a  KILLER strategy designed just for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs etc.

Restaurants are everywhere. They are often categorized as "the most frequently formed type of business". More people are considering starting a restaurant right now, than any other type of business. Even a small town will usually have lots of restaurants...and when you add in neighboring towns there's tons of restaurants and bars!

The restaurant business is fiercely competitive. New places open all the time. Places close and then re-open as a new themed place, constantly.

The name of the game in the restaurant world is…Promotions and more

Even Better…feast your eyes on this...

Restaurants, Clubs, Bars and Lounges are a REACHABLE, Easy-To-Contact, BUSY, FAST-GROWING MARKET.

Follow this simple method and you could end up with a small offline consultant 'fortune', just from restaurants and bars alone.

1.    There are 339,770 Independent restaurants in the US alone.
2.    Can we agree, getting in the door is half the battle?
3.    Once you're in and know how to escalate the opportunity- you're Golden…
4.    Anything that makes the first contact painless is worth a ton…
5.    But, 'any old door opener' won't work. You need one that naturally and effortlessly  funnels Paid Work To You.
6.    You need something restaurant owners/managers relate to and understand (not some complicated software over their heads)…

How This Became A Copy & Paste Simple System…

This past summer I spent over 3 months in sunny Florida. I was a beach bum...there's plenty to see there. But I  couldn't help checking out local businesses, especially restaurants and bars.

Remember, I did not know my way around down there at all. I started having casual
meetings with restaurant owners and some managers.  A few almost immediately wanted my help to pull in more business…and many just said, 'we'll let you know', etc.

So, I put together a package of Fill-In-The-Blank Restaurant Ad Slicks, flyers and promotion ideas, etc. I dropped it off at their location and basically forgot about it. I figured I had done a good deed and planted some seeds.

What happened?  I started getting calls on my cell, asking if I could redesign this ad or that one, and where would I recommend they run it. Oh, and they almost all asked, "What would you charge to do 'this or that"?

(One restaurant and bar owner immediately offered me $500 a week to do internet promotions for his place...believe it or not, I turned him down as I was too busy)

I realized, what an easy tool to gain entry to these owners and win them over!...Once you had the ads designed, a script for what to say, and a road map to follow, almost any consultant could do the same, especially 'newbee' consultants…I mean, really, it's not hard at all.

"Who Can't Give Away Free Marketing Materials, Specifically Designed for the prospect's type of business"…It's Easy.

I want YOU to have the feeling of hearing "YES" from business owner after business owner….week after week.

To know what it's like to hear "Thank You" and "I appreciate this", "Wow, that's nice of you" from restaurants, diners, bars, nightclubs, lounges, country clubs and more.

…and to see those first, easy contacts quickly turn into relationships and relationships turn into big fee income for you.

Many offline giveaways designed to get clients don't work. Why?  They only apply to businesses interested in THAT service....AND, usually they're too generic to all businesses.

For instance, give away a mobile template,, and it probably won't raise an eyebrow if the business doesn't care about or want mobile....especially if its not customized to their TYPE of business.

And giving a business owner a copy of "10 Best Ways to Get Business Blah Blah" is nice, but it doesn't give them something they can USE RIGHT AWAY...Fill-In-The-Blank Tools customized to their niche that work immediately.

With "No Resistance Route" Marketing Portfolio, you're giving them something almost EVERY restaurant, bar and club will want…and use!''

The Cialdini Concepts that make this work...

EXACTLY what to say...and what NEVER to say...

The "Triple Transition" that turns the leads into paying clients...

The Big Budget Secret To Repositioning...

Why Beginners can do better than Pros...

How to bank $30,000+ quickly from just 5 clients.

Why Do Restaurants/Bars/Clubs Make Such Great Clients?...Here's The Secret Sauce...
The No Resistance Route System Shows You...
Skeptical? These Testers Prove It Works NOW...
I’m about to give you a major advantage over 99.9% of all other consultants in your local market. It's true — Some might even say it’s an “unfair” advantage.
This resteraunt partner was going to walk... but using this technique Bruce teaches, I signed him up to build an email list. Now, he wants to do a weekend promotion. I'm looking forward to monthly promotions, too.”     Addy Addison
I always tell my husband, the simplest ideas are usually the best ideas. With these ads and marketing materials I go to local restaurants and pubs and hear nothing but good things. I've followed up with many of them and signed 2 clients almost immediately..    Annie Heinz
Designed to sell for $67 on Clickbank, the No Resistance Route can be yours for a fraction of that. A complete training guide in PDF format you can quickly absorb and start applying in just 24 hours.
"Partner Was Going To Walk.."
"..2 Clients Almost Immediately"
4 Clients Signed In 5 Weeks!
Don't think I'm 'special' to get these fees either...these clients DID NOT KNOW ME, prior to accepting the Marketing Portfolio.
I followed what Bruce said, and my results are awesome so far! I gave out marketing packs to pretty much every independent restaurant and bar I had time to get to. As of this posting, I have 4 clients signed in just over 5 weeks.    Ryan Zona
This is so simple, so easy to give away for free, you could almost completely screw it up, and still get offline clients...that's how powerful it is.
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Ok, here are my stats so far, as requested. 8 restaurants contacted and I have one new client and one maybe client. Very easy to do this and there is no rejection. I meet them, offer the marketing package for free and I'm good to go!   Victor H.
And, in case you were still skeptical, believe me, you can earn large professional fees from local clients... It's definitely worth's a few recent examples.
C'mon admit your heart you know the #1 Roadblock to all this Offline opportunity is, the Fear Of Being Told "No", of you being dismissed as someone who is just 'selling something'...but, discover how to eliminate that fear, and instantly, the world is your oyster.

OK, let me back up. Peter lived near me at the time. He had tried to start a local offline consulting business, and was failing badly. Next to nothing in cashflow, bills piling up, his wife(Ann) was on his case to get a job and screw this whole "experiment" ...and now it sounded like he was about to go over the deep end.

So, I talked to Peter...he was wracked with fear of clients rejecting him...unable to take action...and going broke. So, I showed him the best, most dignified, no-pressure way to contact all the clients he wanted.

The Outcome? What I suggested then wasn't as nearly as effective as No Resistance Route is, yet it turned it all around for him...his outlook (and income) improved 300%.  He had the smarts, but wasn't a 'born salesman'...he just needed an edge to get in.
"I slaved away in the hot sun, so you can profit more than ever"  
Hello Friends…
If You Are Close to Quitting Offline Consulting, Frustrated, Lost, Confused, Nearly Broke,  Busted And Bummed Out...This Message Is Meant Just For You...

Over 17,000 purchases of Bruce's Offline Products in less than 4 years.

You'll Absolutely 'Crush It' With This New System

This "No Resistance Route" can literally mean the difference between slow starvation as an Offline Consultant and sudden, rapid client acquisition…without painful rejection!

Can I do This Part-time?
Absolutely..I'd estimate 80% of new
consultants start out doing this 'on the side, part time' and build it up.

Do I have to visit businesses in person?
I outline 4 different distribution approaches in the training. Personal contact will get you the best results, but others work too.

Will this be saturated in my area?
Highly unlikly. But in that rare occurrence, you'd be competing with one or two other consultants, at most.

Could my town/area be too small?
Again, not likely.  I grew up in a town of 8,000 in central Illinois. Most 'small towners' work their town and neighboring towns for almost any business they're running.

Do restaurants and bars make good clients?
I love them, and they are constantly in promotion mode'. I personally know one place that spends $8,000 a month on TV advertising alone and other marketing media...and its not  a big place!

Do you show me what to sell them after they get the Marketing CD?
Yes, absolutely. I show you 3 Easy-To-Do Marketing Services to offer to your
prospects after they received the Marketing portfolio CD.

How long will it take to see results or get calls?
Depends of course, but anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks - maybe longer. The more you distribute, the sooner it happens.

Is this a lot of work?
Not really. I've done the hard part. You only need to follow the steps and be organized. Can you distribute the pre-designed Marketing Portfolio? Can you send the pre-written emails?...if you can, you're good to go.

You're already successful, its probably easy for you!
True, I've done well, but these clients were all new to me. My edge is, I follow the system, and use the follow-ups... these results are not theory, they happen automatically.

If You're So Successful, Why Bother To Sell This?
That's a fair question... Many of you know I rarely launch WSO's anymore, this is my first new one in 15 months. I don't need to live off wso's so I only put something out that I feel is needed...and I still see lots of new consultants struggling, so I know this will help.

End Your Fear Of Rejection, Finally.
Get A New Client in Days...Not Weeks Or Months!
"Its Like Offering Donuts To Cops..."
I love this method. Its so easy to give it away , I have no fear when I approach businesses. They always thank me, and usually ask me questions about it."  Shawn Sells, Warrior Forum
Included with your Marketing Portfolio are 20 Restaurant Flyers- Here's a few examples. (the text areas are editable in MS Word or OpenOffice (free)
But, Here's A Warning: Just 'Any' Feel-Good, Cute Giveaway Won't Work Like This...(a free imprinted pen or calendar doesn't cut it anymore, guys).
My Coaching and Consulting rate is $300 an hour. My average established client pays me between $16,000 and $25,000 per year. For a very limited time you're getting a BRAND NEW SYSTEM (Never Offered Before) that builds your business fast...for hardly more than the price of a McDonalds meal for two...isn't your future worth that?
One year ago, a friend's wife called me practically in tears...
"I Swear Peter Is Acting Suicidal Over This Damn Business!"...Bruce, Can't You Please Talk To Him?"
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