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Local Marketing Consultants:
Introducing A Hot Niche That Few Are Targeting...
Bruce Newmedia
Exactly what to say to a mover client to land the deal...
(if this doesn't work, it's not likely anything else would have.)

What Movers are always fighting (it's a built in problem).

The secret source for leads many movers don't talk about.
(the reason why is how they compensate them).

Why Movers are so pre-disposed to buy leads.

Doing this one thing gets a mover on your side fast...

Understanding the different lead sources and timing.

The first step with a new mover client - skip this and
you're going to be screwed!

Find out what is NOT working but ask an important question.

The #1 WORST mistake to make - especially in the beginning.
(its like 'marketing suicide')

The #1 Goal Must Always Be To Do This.

How to make marketing cost be much less of an issue.

The ideal minimum # of lead sources mover needs.

Great way to even out the marketing expenses.

Teaching movers why a USP is NOT a tagline.

Surprise! Social Media works, but NOT all forms of it. (caution)

Why you may recommend they retain an 'old media' source.

How to price moving leads.

The "7 biggest complaints" about movers. (helps you improve
the client's reputation)

Check Out What's Revealed In This Killer Package...
The New Movers Marketing Package Includes...
"This is a niche I would never have thought of. Having moved recently myself, I know how expensive it can be- they must be making money! I'm anxious to try this out since I have yet to get my first client."      Marcia P.
"...good array of tools including the Wordpress website. Great value overall!"  Mike in Texas
"I just went through this review package and I think it's a winner. There's instruction, videos, tools, email and advertising templates..."   Bradley C.  Florida
"I like the part in the videos of what to say to the clients. Not enough local training covers that, imo. Without help in that area, I freeze up and don't know what to say...."   Melanie S.
Bruce Newmedia
This Under-The-Radar Niche has high transaction values and is easy to reach. Most of the companies are local and smaller in size. Follow this new training and you'll bring them boatloads of customers using BOTH ONLINE and OFFLINE Media. This Really Works.
Your Search For A Less Competitive,
Easy-To-Reach, Marketing-Friendly Niche
Ends NOW!
Uncle Bruce has tapped into the perfect niche for consistent $500 to $1500 monthly fees AND fast growth.
Get this, it's been hiding in plain sight!

Moving and Storage
To Those That Hate MILE LONG COPY salespages: I'm going to test something here and YOU are part of it. I happen to think this is a great, easy-to-understand offer. Not complicated and worth every dime. And I'm convinced my readers are smart, so I'm cutting this page to the bone...just what you need to make a good decision and no more. So, if sales are good, maybe we can start a trend!
If you're like most local consultants, you probably never even gave this niche a second thought. I know I never thought of it until an unlikely meeting at a breakfast diner early this year.

I overheard a conversation between what turned out to be two moving truck drivers, and one thing led to another. In the training I explain the details, but what matters is this...
Those two guys led me to my first moving company client and its been a very profitable experience. I think you would enjoy working with movers too so I've compiled a complete 'kit' that will save you tons of time and money.
Why Movers?
The industry is bigger than most imagine...
13,900 company locations primarily providing moving and storage services for household and office goods.
This Includes van lines, van line agents, independent full-service movers, international movers, forwarders, and auto transporters.

All total it employs 122,600 people with an annual payroll of $3.6 billion!...and, is composed of mostly small businesses.
47.8% of industry companies employ fewer than 5 people.
Only 8.5% of industry companies employ 100 or more people.

Are They Profitable?
Oh my gosh yes!
It's a SERVICE business and that helps it maintain good margins. For consultants it's a natural fit, as those margins and a high average transaction price ($1,000 to $5,000) means each added deal is big money. Even one new long distance moving client adds thousands to their bottom line!
Do They Pay For Marketing?
YES! In fact, I came to discover they are a large and frequent buyer of leads...from many sources. They deal with seasonal dry spells and many competitors. Marketing is a necessary evil, yes, but without it they can't make it.
Is It Saturated For Consultants?
Not at all. Ask yourself, is this the first niche that comes to mind? Probably while most consultants are thinking, "Lawyers, Chiros, Dentists, etc" you can go after some fertile ground with less competition!
Are They Hard To Reach?
Nope. The average operatiion has only 5 folks on staff. Owners are usually as easy to reach as managres and you can get answers from decision-makers without going through all kinds of 'gatekeepers'.
Can You Learn To Do This?
Absolutely! There's nothing intimidating or scary about it. I'll bring you up to speed on the industry and how to SELL them. Then I'll show you how to promote their business ethically and get them results quickly.
How Quickly Will You Earn?
Since we don't know each other, I can't predict something like that. Here in Florida it's definitely busy and I suspect it's good in most places. Whether you go at it full-time or just very part-time makes a difference. My advice: follow the methods and plan I reveal. Be disciplined and give it a fair chance. I'm betting you'll land clients and collect fees and if you need help just contact me. 
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At a little breakfast diner I got my first moving client. It was completely unplanned. Inside the training I explain what happened. The point is you don't have to be a super salesman or spend boatloads of money marketing for clients.
Getting A
$67 Movers
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