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Matt Boland
Bruce Newmedia
Tom Gaddis, Local Marketing Expert & Author
You Absolutely Do NOT need lots of leads to land Lead Gen clients...and earn $5,000 to $10,000 a month. (even more).

With the right "Magnets" and the right "Hooks" you can set up a good monthly income from just a handful of Lead Gen clients.

BUT, you have to know what to do and what NOT to do!

*Did You Know, If you call up businesses and tell them you can get them leads, usually you will fail. Sorry, thats the truth.

BUT, if THEY call YOU, curious about the special offer you're making, the results are usually much different.

Even if you've tried something similar, these Marketing Sheets are DIFFERENT. They uniquely combine Eye-Catching Graphics with Compelling Sales Copy.

We Show You How To Get
The Leads and How To Sell The Leads

AND we'll show you what to say and how to get all your leads sold.

Why experiment? Lead Gen Giant Has The marketing system that is getting the Right Clients, RIGHT now.

PLUS, our unique Marketing Flyers, specialized for Lead Gen Clients can be Pure GOLD to you.

The 3 obstacles to Lead Gen Clients:
1. They don't know about it
2. They don't believe it
3. They won't act now

We have smashed all 3, making them irrelevent.

Our tested strategy leaves an undefended roadmap to signing up as many lead gen clients as you want.

"Don't Get Sucker Punched
By Offline Lead Gen Claims.."
"63 Years Old And He's Getting
More Clients Than He Can Handle"
My good friend JEdwards in Florida is what some call a 'Late bloomer'. He only began as a local marketing consultant 2 years ago.

He's persistent, but definitely not a salesman. In fact we're friends so I can say honestly, he may be one of the worst 'natural' salesmen I know!

He told me when he first started he was about to call on a local prospect client and couldn't get out of his car ...he ended up going to a bar to build up his confidence!

He changed his approach and along with my help, started getting results- results I became jealous of.

He decided he only wanted RECURRING payment clients - no one time shots for him.

And the service he opted for was simple Lead Generation. It fit the bill and was a wide open field.(it still is)...He is now making a full-time living from just part-time effort.
Can I do This Part-time?
Absolutely..I'd estimate 80% of new
consultants start out doing this 'on the side, part time' and build it up.

Do I have to visit businesses in person?
NO, This method is solely based on getting Lead Gen clients to contact YOU.

Will this be saturated in my area?
Highly unlikly. But in that rare occurrence, you'd be competing with one or two other consultants, at most.

Could my town/area be too small?
Again, not likely.  I grew up in a town of 8,000 in central Illinois. Most 'small towners' work their town and neighboring towns for almost any business they're running. But you can also target businesses far away and work by phone and email.

Do You show me what businesses to target?
Yes and you'll see it's very important WHO you focus on. Certain business types are not just not good candidates for Lead Gen providers, We show you who will pay you the most.

Do you show me what to say to land them as Lead Gen clients?
Yes, absolutely. We give you a specific script including powerful closing approaches.

How long will it take to see results or get calls?
Depends of course, but we shoot for 30 days to be getting traffic and leads. Clients can be acquired before that time and after as well.

Is this a lot of work?
Not really. We've done the hard part. You only need to follow the steps and be organized. Can you install a simple Wordpress site or have a freelancer build you a simple html Squeeze page? Can you do the simple prospect research? Can you print out the marketing materials and distribute them?...if you can, you're good to go.

You're already successful, its probably easy for you!
My buddy Jim started out very unsuccessful.. But, he was coachable and followed the system. These results are not theory, they happen nearly automatically.

If You're So Successful, Why Bother To Sell This?
That's a fair question... Many of you know I rarely launch WSO's anymore, don't need to live off wso's so I only put something out that I feel is needed...the Lead Gen business is so good I feel it may be the best opportunity for local marketing consultants.

** How To Take the sting out of a run of bad leads

** The Single Biggest Roadblock To Signing A Client

** The ONLY Time You Should Ever Guarantee Leads

** Why You LIve And Die By The Numbers

** How To 'Sucker Punch' Most Competitors

** The Scary Side Of Having Too Many Clients

** The Big Lie About Lead Gen

** The Major Flaw In Most Lean Gen Capture Pages

** The Nuclear Option For Desperate Results

** How To Tell If The Client Will Stick With You

** Why 100 Million $$ Companies are in the Lead
    Gen Business

** In these cases do the exact opposite of what most
    Lead Gen providers do

"Please tell Mr. Bruce  'THANK YOU' for all of the very helpful training which has changed my life. Lead Gen is the way to go if the consultant is looking for steady income.   Edward P. Grants Pass, Oregon
I am averaging between $1,300 and $2,100 per month from 2 sites after 2 months. The more sites I build , the more I expect to make.
Richard F. Memphis, Tenn

Note From Bruce: This video as well as the sales page are not perfect. Jim and I are both very busy with local clients. This is designed to give you the facts to make a decision, but it's definitely NOT a Hollywood production. Thanks.
I am hooked on this. It is much better investment of my time than designing big websites or anything else.  Bud Kennedy, Warwick, R.I.
From the first few pages of the manual I could tell these guys had done this themselves. They're not promising instant riches, but you can build this up into a full-time steady income.   William D. Chicago, IL
"I mentioned in my previous message that I am doing well with with 2 Lead generation websites"  Christine M. Stone Mountain, GA
NO Hacks, No Secret Ninja Tricks, NO BS,
But You Will Discover:
PLUS 5 More Bonuses Inside
"No service will hold a client tighter and hold them longer than providing them with good customer leads."
"Failed At Lead Gen, But This Changes Things"
In 2015, I tried doing lead gen sites and failed. Couldn't sell the leads and wasted time. Now, after going through Bruce and Jim's course, I see so where I screwed up. (lots). Their way is better and you really only need a handful of the right clients to make good money."  Shawn Sells, Chicago IL
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