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Help Businesses Kick Omicron & Delta & Covid's Butt..
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What to say to a cleaning company client to close business...
(if this doesn't work, it's not likely anything else would have.)

What Cleaning Companies fear most...who do they avoid.

The secret (unspoken) reason many residential prospects do not
choose certain companies or individual cleaners.

Why cleaning firms are starting to buy leads.

How to make a great impression with a cleaner...

Understanding the different lead sources and timing.

The first step with a new cleaning company client - skip this and
you're going to be screwed!

Why many cleaners gravitate to the COMMERCIAL market from the
residential market.

The #1 WORST mistake to make - especially in the beginning.
(its like 'marketing suicide')

The #1 Goal Must Always Be To Do This.

Teaching Cleaning companies how to understand their advertising ROI.

The ideal minimum # of lead sources cleaners need.

Great way to even out the marketing expenses.

Teaching cleaning companies why they need a USP.

Why Social Media works so well for cleaning companies.

Why some 'old media' sources can work too.

How to price cleaning jobs.

The "biggest worries" clients have about home cleaners.

Check Out What's Revealed In This Killer Package...
The Home & Commercial Cleaner Marketing Package Includes...
"The news about the virus does mean more commercial cleaning is a necessity. They are talking about it everyday, and in some states its mandated to be able to reopen..."   Darren C.
"...good array of tools including the Wordpress website. Great value overall!"  Mike in Texas
"I just went through this review package and I think it's a winner. There's instruction, videos, tools, email and advertising templates..."   Bradley C.  Florida
"I like the part in the training of what to say to the clients. Not enough local training covers that, imo. Without help in that area, I freeze up and don't know what to say...."   Melanie S.
Bruce Newmedia
This Under-The-Radar Niche generates some of the most STEADY income Ive ever seen...and is easy to reach. Most of the cleaning companies are local and smaller in size. Follow this new training and you'll bring them boatloads of new customers using BOTH ONLINE and OFFLINE Media. This Really Works.
            I have a special connection to the cleaning       business. No, I have not run or owned one but my sister Barbara has for 18 years. She started it from scratch the way most cleaning businesses start and made an excellent income until she retired a few years ago.
Eventually my sister made the same migration many do, after starting with residential and moved to the more profitable commercial cleaning. Its always been good, but NOW WITH COVID VIRUS it is nothing short of phenomenal!
I'm convinced you would enjoy working with cleaners so I've compiled a complete 'kit' that will save you tons of time and money.
Why Cleaning Companies?
The industry is bigger than most imagine...
0ver 880,000 locations primarily providing residential and commercial cleaning services in the US alone.
This Includes small single proprietor businesses all the way up to larger franchise organizations. 

All total it employs 3.2 MILLION people with an annual payroll of $9.1 billion!...and, is composed of mostly small businesses.
49% of industry companies employ fewer than 5 people.
Only 8.5% of industry companies employ 100 or more people.

Are They Profitable?
Oh my gosh yes!
It's a SERVICE business and that helps it maintain good margins. For consultants it's a natural fit, as those margins and a steady monthly income means each added deal is recurrent money. Even a residential cleaner can do over $50,000 but commercial cleaners usually make many multiples of that!
Do They Pay For Marketing?
YES! Many are buyer of leads...from many sources. They deal with  unexpected cancellations and many competitors. Lets face it teh barriers to entry are pretty small in this business. Marketing is a necessary evil, yes, but without it they can't make it.
Is It Saturated For Consultants?
Not at all. Ask yourself, is this the first niche that comes to mind? Probably while most consultants are thinking, "Lawyers, Chiros, Dentists, etc" you can go after some fertile ground with less competition!
Are They Hard To Reach?
Nope. The average operatiion has only 5 folks on staff. Owners are usually as easy to reach as managers and you can get answers from decision-makers without going through all kinds of 'gatekeepers'.
Can You Learn To Do This?
Absolutely! There's nothing intimidating or scary about it. I'll bring you up to speed on the industry and how to SELL them. Then I'll show you how to promote their business ethically and get them results quickly.
How Quickly Will You Earn?
Since we don't know each other, I can't predict something like that. Here in Florida it's incredibly busy and it's good in most places. Whether you go at it full-time or just very part-time makes a difference. My advice: follow the methods and plan I reveal. Be disciplined and give it a fair chance. I'm betting you'll land clients and collect fees and if you need help just contact me. 
SUPPORT?  [email protected]
Its The Steadiness That Matters.
While there are certainly industries that can pay more for marketing help...BUT the cleaning niche has some of the steadiest, most reliable income Ive ever seen. Client loss is not that common and with a little smart marketing, they can just stack new customer on top of new customer and grow to almost whatever they want.
You're Also
Getting A
$97 Cleaning
Bruce Newmedia
Use this New WordPress Cleaners Theme to help land your first cleaning client.
The Aftermath of Covid Has Seen A Permanent Change in Business Cleaning Standards! The Story Is Everywhere...
While The Residential Side Has Always Done Well, NOW the Commercial Side Of
Cleaning Businesses are BOOMING!
10 Cleaner Marketing Flyer Templates (MSword)
Video Marketing Training For Cleaning Business Consultants
3 PLR Editable Reports (sample below)
60 Social Image Posts For Cleaning Businesses
"Pandemic Causes Permanent Cleaning Services Surge!"
PowerPoint Presentation that sells Consultant to Cleaning Services
25 slides
Covid Virus Causes Extra
Cleaning & Sanitizing For Business!
Uncle Bruce has tapped into the perfect niche for consistent $500-$750 monthly fees.

This Covid Cleaning opportunity, can only be described as a little gold mine...It likely will be an exploding niche in offline...but you can get in, before everybody else. What you're going to see will probably blow your mind. I'll take you deep inside this underserved niche and show you how to make great fees every month...and this is not here-today-gone-tomorrow-money. These clients stick because they're making money like clockwork every week..

See for yourself how you could attain more financial security targeting this niche...This market can get you one step closer to your dream life and the income security you're probably seeking. Right NOW is the time to take action on this. It will never be a better deal and I'm looking forward to working with you.

A FINAL NOTE: While we see the opportunity, we also are very aware of the devastation the virus has caused. Like everyone, we hope for the full recovery of all who are sick. 

New Price: $29.95