Today Could Be The Last Day You'll Ever Worry About Money…
I’m about to give you a major advantage over 99.9% of all other consultants in your local market. It's true — Some might even say it’s an “unfair” advantage.
"I told Bruce this was the only way I would approach possible clients because I want them to call me, not the other way around. And  this method definitely worked in only 4 weeks..”   Alex M. Miami, FL
Designed to sell for $67 on Clickbank, the Local AdMaster can be yours for a fraction of that. A complete training guide in PDF format you can quickly absorb and start applying in just 24 hours.
"Got My First Client This Way"
"The Letters Give It The Power"..
It's the letters that give this the power. And you will understand that who you mail to is key to the whole thing.  I would have wasted so much time and money without doing it this way.
Gil J., Wisconsin
This is so simple, so easy to set this up, you could almost completely screw it up, and still get offline clients...that's how powerful it is. If you are searching for new clients and do NOT have this, you are severely handicapped.

You'll Absolutely 'Crush It' With This New System

This "Local AdMaster" system can mean the difference between slow starvation as an Offline Consultant and sudden, rapid client acquisition…without painful rejection!

Can I do This Part-time?
Absolutely..I'd estimate 80% of new
consultants start out doing this 'on the side, part time' and build it up.

Do I have to visit businesses in person?
NO, This method is solely based on getting good clients to call YOU with a targeted mailing.

Will this be saturated in my area?
Highly unlikly. But in that rare occurrence, you'd be competing with one or two other consultants, at most.

Could my town/area be too small?
Again, not likely.  I grew up in a town of 8,000 in central Illinois. Most 'small towners' work their town and neighboring towns for almost any business they're running. But you can also target businesses far away and work by phone and email.

Do You show me what businesses to target?
Yes and you'll see it's very important WHO you focus on. I personally know one place that spends $8,000 a month on TV advertising alone and other marketing media...but another business next door spends almost nothing!

Do you show me what to sell them after they become a client?
Yes, absolutely. I show you 3 Easy-To-Do Marketing Services to offer to your
prospects after you sign them up.

How long will it take to see results or get calls?
Depends of course, but anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks usually.

Is this a lot of work?
Not really. I've done the hard part. You only need to follow the steps and be organized. Can you do the simple prospect research? Can you print out the letters and send the postal packets?...if you can, you're good to go.

You're already successful, its probably easy for you!
True, I've done well, but these clients were all new to me. My edge is, I follow the system, and use the follow-ups... these results are not theory, they happen automatically.

If You're So Successful, Why Bother To Sell This?
That's a fair question... Many of you know I rarely launch WSO's anymore, don't need to live off wso's so I only put something out that I feel is needed...and I still see lots of new consultants struggling, so I know this will help.

Finally, Stop Spinning Your Wheels.
Get A New Client in Days...Not Weeks Or Months!
"Method Definitely Worked In Only 4 Weeks..."
Thanks for this!- I love this system. You mail less and make more. Read the manual, follow the system, and you should have good results. I got my first client this way, which gave me confidence and and experience. There's no reason this won't work over and over again.                 Gayle Ross, Pittsburgh
My Coaching and Consulting rate is $300 an hour. My average established client pays me between $17,000 and $27,000 per year. For a very limited time you're getting a SYSTEM that builds your business fast...for hardly more than the price of a McDonalds meal for two...isn't your future worth that?
*The key direct mail lists you NEED to be on.

*The 5 Trigger Words That Win Over (almost) Every Prospect Client.

* How To Use An Ordinary Legal Pad To Land Most Clients. (very low tech)

* Exactly what to say to them and exactly what to write to them.

* Who Makes Better Clients, Doctors Or Lawyers Or Contractors?

* Despite The Goody-Goodys Advice, Being An S.O.B (sometimes)Can Help

* An Incredibly effective way to Get Free Promotional Exposure
(included in the Bonus)

* The Single Biggest Mistake consultants make with Clients.

* Don't waste Your Time with these 3 Bad Clients - No Way.

*The Extremely Potent Direct Mail Trick You're Afraid To Use

* The Unexpected Media That will Refer Clients to YOU!

* Sex Sells, Especially In Offline Marketing...Here's How To Use It.

* How To Stop A New Client From Pushing You Around

* Why Using A Laptop With The Client Can Work AGAINST you.

* How To 'Skeptic Proof' Any Claims You Make

*What 'Dirt' Business Owners Won't Tell You...But How to Find Out.

*The Hidden Danger Of SEO Projects

* "The Calendar Close" no one has ever showed you…until now.

* My 'Little Trick' To Get All My Fees Upfront.

*The Big Difference Between A Consultant, Marketer or an Advisor.

Drives All The Client Leads You Need...
While you try to randomly cold call local businesses, fear in your voice, sweat on your brow, a few smart Offline Local marketers are skipping those hassles for good...they're getting serious motivated client leads, appointments and sign-ups. It's time you knew their secret too...
Here's what this is all about:
My friend Jim, after a 9 year career in graphic design was suddenly laid off.

He considered trying to get design work from businesses in his town, but the thought of approaching them gave him cold sweats.

He was accustomed to being hidden in the back of a design studio slaving away in private. Calling potential clients was definitely not his thing.

At first I didn't know how bad it got for him, but when I realized,I wanted to help...hell, I had helped others I didn't even know as well.

The Denny's Meetup...
We met at a local Denny's restaurant and I laid out the simplest way for him to get clients and offered to sort of 'coach' him if he hit any roadblocks.

He was motivated and took action...and yes, I admit, there were some bumps along the way. He lost a deal that I probably would have landed. He underpriced at least one site, and he had to redo one.

But, in less than 2 weeks he had made $3,150.

So, I helped Jim, but he also helped me. I realized if I could put this whole system together I could help others the same way.

It actually includes way more than what I gave Jim. Here's just some of what you'll discover...
Don't Get Left Behind.
Hint: The Secret is in WHO You Contact.
Dan Kennedy, legendary direct response marketing expert says, "When You Make The Right Offer To The Right Client, You Can't Miss"...
If You Read
Nothing Else...
Read This.

What is available today that can pay you real money?

Real estate sales?
Mortgage sales?
Insurance Sales?
Car Sales?

All are viciously
competitive and
very crowded.

And, you're still
working for some-
one else.

But, starting a Local
Consulting practice
can be one of the
best-paying, most
dignified and reliable
ways to beat the

"You Don't Get Rich Off Your Day Job, You Get Rich Off Your Homework..." 

Daymond John
My First client, my second client and my third client all came from following this plan. It seems too good to be true, but it works like he says. Marci Thomas, CA
25 Years Offline Local Marketing Consultant, 630-426-9098
Bruce, I appreciate your help answering questions and being there for me.  I am recovering from an operation and had to make this work entirely by phone, so it took a little adjusting. No problem, as I am estatic to say I got 2 clients (one has paid $900) and the other has given me a deposit of $300. Yes, there is real money in doing this.                   
Kurt C. Atlanta GA
I am a believer in this method. No Bs, no fluff, just step 1, step 2 step 3 process. If you have wanted to try local marketing then try this before anything else.   Theodore Miller, Chicago
"I Am Now A Believer"..
Hands down one of the best products to learn offline marketing I've bought. I have been doing some marketing locally with a little success, but really wanted to up my game...this training did that. I actually got a client that should be worth $3,000+ to me over the next 6 months! Thanks!     Mel Olson, FL
Being experienced, I initially thought this was pretty simple, maybe even simplistic. But it's still good. By targeting the right client type and sending the right letter and using the follow-up tools, you should get appts. You do not need to spend a ton on mailings. I've spent less than $50 all total.  

Victor J. S.  Ft. Collins CO
"Bruce, your friend made $3,150 but I am about to beat him...closing in on $3,600 in about 2 weeks."    Martin Y, Indiana
STOP spending big money on postage!  You simply don't need to with the Local Admaster system. The refinements to your mailing process are so powerful you'll save a fortune...yet enjoy the awesome power of postal mail

The number may surprise you as its quite small, usually 5 or less. How can a serious consultant earn a professional income, with as little as 5 clients?

The answer?...He or she CAN't, unless they're the RIGHT clients.

They must be the right size, have the right margins, and gross profits, be open to marketing testing the other tests detailed in the ADmaster Training Course.

Running around all day chasing desperate little clients, who have no budget, will get you no where fast. But you can finally stop 'spinning your wheels' when you follow the Local AdMaster System.

Most surveys of offline marketing consultants point to a few key patterns. One of the strongest patterns concerns how many clients a successful consultant works with.
Are You Looking For Too Many Clients?
I Can Understand If You're Skeptical.
Cold Calling WEAKENS Your Position Power. You simply don't need to with the Local Admaster system. After referrals, Direct Mail gives you the most Position Power with prospects. THEY are calling YOU, responding to your unique and creative mail package...that makes all the difference.
You'll get results without being pushy, or obnoxious, or weird, or any of the other negative images you think about “selling”.

If you've ever thought about starting a new career, do it before the next recession hits. And if you're over 50 years old, better think seriously about starting your own small consultancy business. because the corporate world does not want you anymore.
He hated his demanding, arrogant boss, but now he was left with almost no money and no good job prospects, he struggled just to make the rent, he couldn't even buy his diabetes supplies ...and was about to lose his prized classic car.
Jim at work
It's normal to be skeptical when you're pounded with so much negative contradictory information all the time. The 'Latest & Greatest' is usually promoted as the solution, but read what these users and testers had to say...
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